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Staffing Connection Inc.

About Us

Thank you for dropping by. If you need more information about the corporate staffing and recruitment services we offer, feel free to contact us anytime.

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Tracey Pan-Kita, CEO of Staffing Connection Inc, brings with her many years of experience in the Recruitment & Staffing Industry. She founded Staffing Connection Inc in 2005.

Over the past few years, SCI has grown from a single office in Pennsylvania, to a National Firm. Today we recruit top leaders across many industry sectors. We are proud to point out that 90 percent of our business each year is from clients that have previously engaged our team.

As an organization we specifically address the unique requirements of our clients. We have developed a unique team of specialized professionals to address your hiring solutions. Whatever your hiring needs, our top-rated professional staffing firm can give you quick access to highly skilled professionals you might not find on your own. Let us ease your workload and provide peace of mind that none of your important projects or hiring needs will be delayed.

We are pleased to be recognized as a respected women owned firm. SCI is in tune with the industry demands, emerging trends and evolving leadership needs. We continue to earn accolades from our clients for the quality of the candidates that we select.

We remain dedicated to maintaining our company’s strengths and current market place

SCI has emerged with a strategic plan that enables us to diversify and exploit the recruitment and staffing industry’s large and small project sourcing needs on a global array.

This advantage, along with extensive industry research and precise timing, enables SCI to be known as the innovative solution provider and the preferred company within the global recruitment sectoring the highest standard of service.

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I knew I always wanted to work with people. I started in the hospitality industry where day to day I was involved with hundreds of people through events and conferences. Overtime, this unsettling feeling developed that I wasn’t doing enough. Just interacting with others was not fulfilling. In order to achieve a bigger dream, I knew I had to make a change in my own life. I decided to leave the hospitality industry and find a way to make an impact in other’s lives.

I thought what better way to do that than to give others the opportunity to change as well which is why I created Staffing Connection. With SCI, I am able to connect people with a choice of change. The choice to challenge themselves, the choice to make money, the choice to balance their lives, the choice to follow their dream. Since 2005 I have been working hard to grow this company and to impact all the people who work with us. I created my dream life and my goal with SCI is to help you create yours.

-Tracey Pan-Kita

Global Initiative

SCI works with the community in mind. We are fortunate to have grown so much as a company to be able to pursue our passion of giving back. Starting in 2019, SCI has developed a new program to research and travel to find national and global initiatives.

To share any knowledge, practices, or actions please contact [email protected]